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..."Mary Luz Mejia approached me some time back about working with her on a Canadian Food Network program she was working on. She did this after having dined at our restaurant, “Norman’s” in the Coral Gables section of Miami. I always feel that it is key that a journalist has actually dined at our restaurant rather than going off of “reputation” alone. Her passion and commitment to her craft was evident from the first time I spoke with her. Those qualities were even more fully illustrated when she met me in Orlando to take on the first part of our taping for the show she directed. Those qualities continued as she (and her crew) traveled down to Key West for the next chapters in her documentary. Her indefatigable energy and resourcefulness combined with her poetic aesthetics make her an extraordinary talent in a variety of fields. But mostly it is her heart that makes the difference. She looks at the world and she seeks to find the best stories and to share them with the planet, or those on the planet that seek the positive, the generous, the sensitive, the real and the fantastic.

I am asked to share my life from time to time with an audience. It is something that after this many years one could get wary of and perhaps block one’s true self from climbing out from behind. But Mary Luz is a shining spirit that reminds us that since the Creator gives us a neck, surely we are meant, sometimes, to stick it out. That is a quote of another author but it is particularly true here and worth repeating." ---Award-Winning Chef, owner/proprietor of Norman’s Orlando and Father of New World Cuisine, Norman Van Aken, Florida

..."Mary Luz Mejia is one of Toronto’s most dedicated-and most passionate-food journalists."     ---James Oseland, Editor-In-Chief of Saveur, author of “Cradle of Flavor: Home Cooking from the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore”

..." The stars smiled on us when Mary Luz joined our team. Her passion, knowledge and respect for food and for those who propel ingredients into sublime art contributed enormously to our Chef biography TV Series "At the Table With..."---Maria Pimentel, Award-winning Executive Producer of "At the Table With..." and co-owner of Firvalley Productions in Toronto  

..."Without knowing Mary Luz for a long time, she has captured my history as if she has known me for a long time!"---Celebrated Chef Susur Lee of Lee's and Madeline's in Toronto and Shang in NYC (featured on season I of "At the Table With...)

... "Mary Luz is a breath of fresh air. She taped my staff and I during one of the busiest weeks we have in our world and made it seem easy. Her creativity and energy comes through in the final product – a professionally produced, fun episode of 'At The Table With...'"--- Chef Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill and Topolobampo in Chicago (featured on season II of ATTW)

..."Mary Luz- I know it’s been a long time but I had to take a few minutes to thank you for the wonderful job you and your team did with my episode. I admit that it may have taken some convincing on your part to get me to agree to have the lights focused on me, but I now know there is no one else on this planet that I could trust more with my biography than you. Thank you also for getting the message across about the importance of sustainability and I am pleased to announce that I am back in my parents will..."--- Chef Robert Clark of Vancouver's C, NU Restaurant & Lounge and Raincity Grill (featured on season III of ATTW)

..."It was lovely to meet you, you made the interviewing process a real pleasure. You must know that you are the wonderful exception and NOT the rule to the food writers/producers etc. I have met thus far. I felt very comfortable and hope that we will have the opportunity to work together in the near future.  Thank you for your time and care."---  Andrea Damon Gibson- Founder and Owner of Fred's Bread- Artisan Bread Maker

..."While working with Mary Luz on my new show “Fearless in the Kitchen”, I realized how multifaceted her skills are. From writing, to producing, stepping in on camera (long story) to even PR, we had a blast working together. She has a genuine love, knowledge and connection to food that I loved being around and was so valuable to this challenging but very fruitful production."--- Christine Cushing- Canadian Celebrity Chef, Author and TV Host

..."We had a long, extensive phone interview with Mary Luz and it felt as if we were talking to a friend. She set the friendly tone right away. Afterwards, while we read the article she wrote on Vij's for Asian Gourmet Magazine, we were quite impressed with her attention to detail. Mary Luz has that great combination: professional, friendly and timely."--- Vikram Vij and Meeru Dhalwala, co-owners, Vij's and Rangoli restaurants

..."Just saw the show last night and it was SO much fun! I loved it- it was really good! There were some truly amazing parts in it that you captured. Really loved my episode. Thanks so much!" --- Susana Trilling- Oaxacan Food Expert, Owner of "Seasons of My Heart" cooking school, Oaxaca, Mexico

..." Thanks for the wonderful article. You truly have a talent capturing the essence and emotion of a story. Thanks again."---Kim Gans- Owner and Founder of Sweet Flour Bake Shop, Toronto, ON

..."With her lively and engaging writing style and grocery basket full of great ideas, Mary Luz Mejia is an editor's delight. The icing on the cake...she's sweet as can be!" ---Cindy McGlynn
Editor, Food and Drink

..."Mary Luz Mejia’s passport, crowded with stamps from foreign lands, evidences her passion for global flavours. At each destination she’s added seasoning and spice to her culinary knowledge, making Mary Luz an erudite food writer who knows her burek from her spanikopita.”
---Dana McCauley, Cookbook Author, Food Trend Expert and owner of Dana McCauley & Associates, Toronto, Canada

..."Felicitaciones!!! Navegando me encontre con  tu pagina la cual me dio mucha alegria, me senti muy orgullosa de ti y tu labor. Gracias por llevar en alto el nombre de Colombia. La informacion que recoji de tu pagina es de mucha ayuda para mi. Tengo una pequeña tienda de postres los cuales gustan mucho en esta comunidad anglosajona." --- Malely Cardona, Bakery Owner and fellow Colombian, Charlotte, North Carolina

...“I was introduced to ML by a colleague –how lucky was I. Mary Luz’s contribution to the launch of my new line of products destined for every supermarket in the country was instrumental in terms of taking all of my random ideas and with patience, finesse and speed, bringing a magical sensibility to the “raw footage” I dumped on her. ML wrote/edited much of the content for the launch of our website (, our first press release and helped create a robust list of ingredient pairings for Cookin’ Greens. ML met all deadlines and generally provided insightful consumer points of view that certainly helped convey a smart and friendly message to the consumer. ML was part of a very committed team that assisted with making the launch as smooth as it could be. Lastly, she and her husband Mario’s warm approach to customer-service will not be forgotten. Thank you M and M!”---Toby Davidson, Founder, The Toby Brand

..."Mary Luz may be just as sweet and savoury as the fine pastries and cultural delights she hunts down but her writing and insight into the foods of everyday people (and exotica, too) exude a passion and a depth of understanding of not only the ingredients but also the people in the kitchen - tasty stuff all around." ---Chef Brad Long, Co-Owner "Veritas Restaurant" and creator of the BMO Field Global Concession Fare

..."I was fortunate to be introduced to Mary Luz soon after I decided to start up Edible Toronto: Celebrating the Abundance of Local Foods in the Golden Horseshoe. Publishing and editing a new quarterly print magazine is no easy feat, but having talented local freelance writers at my side has made for smooth sailing in the editorial department.Mary Luz has a terrific knack for combining fine research and interviewing skills with her zest for discovering new people, places and taste sensations to create articles that are warm and animated, and which thoroughly engage the reader right from the first sentence. I’ve gotten great feedback on all of the articles Mary Luz has written for Edible Toronto." ---Gail Gordon Oliver, Publisher and Editor of Edible Toronto Magazine

..."Hi, I just read your article about Jeff Crump at the Ancaster Old Mill, (Edible Toronto, Fall 2008) and I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed reading it! Although sustainable food sources at the smaller level are just beginning, it is my hope as a Chef that one day it will be available in the quantities that a large operation such as ours requires. I found it very interesting to read Jeff’s thoughts about Heston Blumenthal who also says that it really does start with the food. I look forward to seeing more on this subject in the future.” ---Patrick Armstrong, C.C.C. Executive Sous Chef, Casino Rama

..."With a sharp ear to the ground, writer and television researcher/producer Mary Luz Mejia listens to the ever-changing rhythms of the city. From the smallest of take-away stands to the vastest of Asian supermalls, she unearthed great food stories that defined Toronto's diversity and brought them to Street Eats. Her big heart and passion for food put all the television guests completely at ease. Her column remains a popular destination on the show’s website.” ---T.R. Loyson, Producer/Creator, Street Eats

..."We’re very fortunate to have Mary Luz Mejia as one of our lead contributors at Asian Gourmet Magazine. Knowledgeable and passionate about the world of food, she’s a great interviewer who really connects with her subjects. She always delivers a well-crafted story, capturing the telling details and engaging the senses with vivid prose. Beyond her impressive writing skills, she’s marvellous to deal with and completely reliable.” ---Caley Moore, Feature Editor, Asian Gourmet Magazine

..."Mary Luz Mejia is terrific to work with. I highly recommend her. She can just get into my head, wrap her mind around my vision and craft words that make my thoughts come alive so beautifully. She is a pleasure to work with, is detail oriented, deadline focused, sensitive to my needs and always delivers. I am a fan of her television work too and what she evokes from the subjects she covers is both substantial and filled with insight. I would hire Mary Luz again in a heartbeat!” ---Angela Tunner, The Renaissance Gourmet (Chef, cookbook author and entrepreneur), British Columbia.

..."Mary Luz asked me to write a few words about her stellar work. I am more than happy to do so, because she is a gifted writer who 'gets it'... nothing goes out of our offices without her magical touch." ---Kimberley Plumley- Publicist and Maven in Charge- Publicity Mavens, British Columbia.

..."Mary Luz Mejia is an enthusiastic food aficionado who has in-depth knowledge on a wide range of ingredients, cooking methods and flavours. Mary is our go-to person when it comes to unearthing the latest in culinary trends. She can put a tasty twist on any topic. She takes our readers on a delicious journey through food cultures around the world. Her well-formulated ideas consistently delight our readers."--- Caroline Coulson, Editor

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